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Donate now & help save animals

Your support is essential to pursue our work for the benefit of endangered species!

100+ animals

Our sanctuary shelters, cares for and protects hundreds of animals, 20 species, some of which are extremely endangered

All for the animals

We reduce our operating costs to a minimum so that your donations go directly to the animals

Our fight

For years, our sanctuary and its team have been fighting relentlessly to save the animals abused in Laos. Please help us!

Where do my donations go?

Food for the animals, medicines, veterinarians, park maintenance, rescue actions, education campaigns, etc. Your donations are used efficiently

Access to your donations

You can manage your donations at any time, download your receipts, cancel a recurring donation, etc. through your donor dashboard

100% Secure

All your donations and information on our website are 100% secure. Donate now with confidence

Every donation makes a difference!

Our sanctuary exists thanks to the generosity of the men and women who support us. Rescue operations, food for our residents, medical treatment and investment in equipment are missions that we carry out to address the threats to wildlife. All these initiatives have a considerable human, material and financial cost. Thanks to you and the people who support us, Animal Sanctuary Laos can operate everyday.

Our sanctuary already welcomes and cares for about a hundred animals, about twenty species, most of which are subject to European or international protection measures.

Asian Black bear gripping a tree
Portrait of Animal Sanctuary Laos‘s director

A few donations are enough to change lives, give hope and allow our sanctuary to keep on fighting for the respect of people, animals and nature in Laos.
Signature Christophe
Animal Sanctuary Laos‘s director

The animals are our brothers, big and small.
Only in this knowledge do we arrive at true humanity.
Baby Asian Bear

Many thanks to our generous donors

Thank you to all our donors without whom our actions would be impossible. You are heroes, thank you for your support.

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jacques LO CASCIO

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Animal Sanctuary Laos is a nonprofit organization registered in France (RNA: W741009909). Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.
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