Fundraising for a mission

Rescue, construction, renovation, education... Fundraisers allow us to contribute to targeted actions

Raising funds for a cause

The fundraising we organise regularly represents a genuine opportunity to support concrete actions or targeted projects. We select a variety of causes and regularly organise rescue operations to help endangered animals. Fundraising can also be completely dedicated to a sanctuary resident who needs help, or to a particular mission. 

Our fundraising activities are focused on specific and measurable operations, such as rescue, construction, renovation, education, prevention, crackdown operations or project financing.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!

Our real impact
The actions we carry out have a real impact on the world, both on nature and on people. Here at the sanctuary, all our time, energy and skills are devoted to concrete actions in favour of animals and nature. Discover examples of rescued animals that now live a peaceful life at the sanctuary, in idyllic conditions, surrounded by animal and human friends.
Let’s join our forces

Is there a cause that particularly resonates with you? Have you witnessed an intolerable situation of abuse or mistreatment? Do you have an altruistic and benevolent project for animals and people in Laos? Let’s join our forces and take action! We are always happy to collaborate and support fair and benevolent actions. Contact us and let’s talk about it now.

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