Animals at the sanctuary

An incredible diversity of animals of all kinds among the most endangered on the planet

The animals living at the sanctuary

The animals and their welfare are at the heart of our daily operations. As true animal and nature lovers, we are constantly amazed by the beauty, intelligence, ingenuity and kindness of our residents.

Each new species we rescue is an opportunity for us to evolve, learn and adapt so that we can continue to welcome new animals that are in danger or are being abused.

For the Animal Sanctuary Laos team, animals are much more than mere numbers on a list. They are above all friends, companions with whom we share moments of happiness and complicity every day.

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The reserve, the equipment and the men and women who work there are entirely dedicated to the welfare of the residents. Therefore, each new arrival is pampered and closely monitored. We know that the well-being of the animals in the reserve is the only guarantee of their good health, their potential reproduction and their eventual release.

Man feeding an Asian black bear

The animal at the center of our attention

Sun bear playing on a tree

Animal Sanctuary Laos in a few words

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We shelter, care for and protect over 100 animals of all kinds at our sanctuary

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Over 20 fascinating species such as bears, eagles, civets, monkeys, leopard cats and many more

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endangered animals

More than half of these species are subject to European or international protection measures

m² park

The environments for each species are specially designed to ensure their well-being

The animals of the sanctuary

Animal Sanctuary Laos welcomes an incredible diversity of animals of all kinds, some of which are among the most threatened on the planet. Few sanctuaries in the world can support such a wide range of species, among which are:

The Asian black bear
(Ursus thibetanus)

The sun bear
(Helarctos malayanus)

The macaque
(Macaca sylvanus)

The leopard cat
(Prionailurus bengalensis)

The Eurasian eagle-owl
(Bubo bubo)

The black eagle
(Ictinaetus malaiensis)

The Phodile calong
(Phodilus badius)

The brown wood owl
(Strix leptogrammica)

The Indian peafowl
(Pavo cristatus)

The swan goose
(Anser cygnoides)

The red junglefowl
(Gallus gallus)

The helmeted guineafowl
(Numida meleagris)

The Javanese Pangolin
(Manis javanica)

The pygmy slow loris
(Nycticebus pygmaeus)

The iguana
(Iguana iguana)

The large Indian civet
(Viverra zibetha)

The alligator gar
(Atractosteus spatula)

The piranha

The stingray
(Potamotrygon Motoro)

The wild boar
(Sus scrofa)

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