Covid-19's devastating impact

Animal Sanctuary Laos needs your help and support more than ever

Covid-19's devastating impact on Laos and on the sanctuary

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dramatic loss of human lives worldwide and represents an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems and the professional world. The economic and social impacts of the pandemic have been devastating. Tens of millions of people are expected to live in extreme poverty, and the number of undernourished people estimated today at nearly 690 million could reach 132 million by 2021.

Little kid in Laos

It is therefore one of the most difficult crises in recent history. The consequences are global, no country has been spared. The impacts are countless and go beyond the human consequences. Indeed, we also observe dramatic economic, financial, social, cultural, environmental, political, educational, judicial and health repercussions.

Some populations have been more severely affected than others, and this is the case of Laos and many countries in South East Asia.

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing dramatic consequences

Survive the Covid19 crisis in Laos

As it is the case all around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns have severely affected Laos PDR. Although the efforts made to contain the pandemic have proved successful, the economic impacts have been disastrous, increasing the poverty rate.

All economic sectors have been severely affected. In 2021, about 51% of the population was unemployed, or had to stop working. 33% of businesses have closed. Of the businesses that survived, 65% experienced a significant drop in revenue. Vaccine deployment was concentrated in urban areas and among the most educated households. The pandemic and the economic outlook remain uncertain, and it is expected that some groups will continue to endure the disastrous effects of the pandemic in the years to come.

The catastrophic impacts on education, employment, physical health, mental health and well-being are evolving rapidly and unpredictably. Young people are victims of much collateral damage. One only needs to read the alarming UNICEF report (link) to understand this.

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NGOs around the world are under serious threat

Charities and NGOs are the first to act to support the poorest in this period of crisis. Yet they are some of the ones most affected by this pandemic. Indeed, while many organisations are threatened, others have not survived. According to a CID report “46% of humanitarian charities said that Covid-19 presented a serious threat to their survival.”

A recent survey of 550 charities conducted by the IoF reveals that 60% of NGOs have already reduced staffing levels in the UK and abroad. A further 25% are likely to do so soon. Measures taken include sending staff on leave, compulsory paid annual leave, switching staff to part-time work when employees are not simply dismissed.

This situation is coupled with increasing famines worldwide. We are facing a catastrophe, as in some countries hunger kills far more people than does COVID19.

Charities in Laos are also severely affected by the pandemic. Many have seen their donations drop sharply, and have been forced to reduce their staff and therefore their actions. This is particularly true for many animal protection associations. As a result, a lot of them no longer know how they will be able to keep on caring for animals or even feeding them.

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We need your support now more than ever!

Animal Sanctuary Laos needs your help and support more than ever. Since the beginning of this crisis in 2019, we have faced all the challenges and continued our work with nature and animals in Laos relentlessly.

Since the world travel restrictions were imposed, we have not received any visitors or help from any volunteers. Our team is reduced to a strict minimum in order to save every penny so that we can continue to care for and feed our animals.

Our organisation does not receive any help from the Laotian government, nor any subsidy of any kind. We keep on fighting for the animals at all costs but we need your help, otherwise we won’t be able to pursue our actions.

Thank you in advance for your support

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