Construction of a footbridge for the animals

Help us build the animal island walkway

Construction of a footbridge for the animals

The beautiful Animal Sanctuary Laos covers an area of 20,000m2 on the shores of Nam Ngum Lake. The sanctuary is located in the middle of nature and has many areas dedicated to animals, including bears, monkeys, birds and various mammals that live happily here. Among these areas, a beautiful 10,000m2 island is home to poultry and wild boar. However, the only way to get there at present is to cross the lake by boat or canoe. We therefore plan to finish building a wooden footbridge so that the animals as well as our team can access this part of the park more easily.

In addition to the wildlife, this island is a real vegetable garden for our animal friends as we plant many fruit trees and plants to feed them. We also aim to eventually be able to produce all the food for the animals in the sanctuary by ourselves.

The construction has started, and solid wooden pillars from the lake are already in place. We want to build a beautiful bridge, made entirely of local wood, which will perfectly integrate with the natural environment of the park.

This bridge is going to be 50 meters long and will be a considerable contribution to the life and development of the animals in the sanctuary.

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