Rules and regulations of the sanctuary

To ensure your safety and the safety of the animals, we ask that you follow a few rules described in the sanctuary regulations

We are pleased to welcome you to the sanctuary. Our team is constantly working to ensure that you enjoy a memorable stay. Animal Sanctuary Laos is committed to respecting people, animals & the environment. To ensure your safety and the safety of the animals, and to ensure that you have a pleasant time at the sanctuary, we ask you to respect a few rules set out in these regulations. These rules apply to all visitors. Individuals or groups who do not respect the rules and regulations will be requested to leave the sanctuary immediately without any compensation.

1. Hours

Animal Sanctuary Laos is open every day, all year long. However, the number of visitors is limited. Your stay can only take place if you have a valid reservation. To book, go to the “visit the sanctuary” tab and select the stay that suits you best among those offered.

2. Access to the sanctuary

It is strictly forbidden to enter the sanctuary without being accompanied by a member of the Animal Sanctuary Laos team. Our sanctuary is not a zoo and the welfare of the animals is our ultimate priority. During your stay, you will be invited to approach the animals during visits and participation in daily tasks. Wild animals can be dangerous (bites, scratches, etc.), especially if you try to touch them or enter their living space. They can be life threatening. This is why it is imperative to respect the safety rules.

3. Respect for animals

Visitors are requested to behave in a way that is compatible with the respect and well-being of the animals. Feeding the animals is strictly prohibited. Each species has a strict diet and any uncontrolled intake can compromise their health. It is forbidden to disturb the animals, to frighten or excite them by gestures or shouting and, in general, to engage in any act likely to harm their physical condition and health. It is forbidden to use camera or telephone flashes in front of the animals or during nocturnal visits.

This point is FUNDAMENTAL! Not respecting the well-being of our residents will lead to the immediate exclusion of the individuals involved.

4. Respect for other individuals

Visitors must wear proper clothing (no barefoot, etc.) and behave in a decent manner (no shouting, keep calm, etc.). Smoking is forbidden in the sanctuary park. It is forbidden to pick or damage plants in the park. Please respect the work of the people who take care of the vegetation to provide you with an ideal environment. In order to keep the park clean, please do not throw your rubbish on the ground or in the pens.

5. Safety rules

The safety of our visitors and residents is our highest priority. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden:
  • To enter the sanctuary without being accompanied by a member of the Animal Sanctuary Laos staff.
  • To walk out of the visiting aisles, to cross the security barriers or to enter the rooms reserved to professionals. During the entire visit of the sanctuary, children are under the full responsibility of the accompanying adults.
  • To pass hands, fingers, sticks or other objects through the bars or fences or throwing objects into the animals’ enclosures.
  • To use any kind of sound instrument.
  • To bring domestic animals: cats & dogs or any other animal.
  • To feed the animals in the park. They receive a balanced diet. Any form of food could cause harm to the animals.
  • To swim or bathe in the ponds or water areas.
  • To smoke inside the park
For safety reasons, several cameras are set up in the park. The recorded images are used only for the purposes provided for by Lao law. It goes without saying that weapons or dangerous objects are not allowed in the park. If some are found, the police will be contacted.

6. Personal belongings

The Sanctuary is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings of the visitors. Items brought in by visitors or found by staff are kept for one month. Each individual is responsible for his own actions and belongings. The Sanctuary cannot be held responsible for any theft, damage or attitude that may occur due to the negligence or lack of supervision of the owner. Any object that falls into an enclosure shall be reported to the staff immediately. Insofar as they are recoverable, the objects will either be returned to the person or left at the reception desk where they can be collected.

7. Pictures and/or videos

Any picture and/or video taken for commercial use must be expressly authorised by the Sanctuary’s Direction beforehand.

8. Enforcement of the rules and regulations

By booking a stay, entering the Sanctuary Park or paying the entrance fee, the visitor is considered to have fully accepted these rules. Visitors who violate these rules or who do not respect the orders of the staff shall be requested to leave the sanctuary without compensation. In the event of a repeated offence, they may be temporarily or definitively refused entry to the Sanctuary.

Non-compliance with these rules will lead to exclusion from the sanctuary.

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