Our ethics & values

Our ethics and values guide our actions

Our ethical standards and values

Humans are intimately linked to their environment. We believe that protecting and preserving our ecosystem also requires raising awareness on environmental issues with local populations. Since the reserve was created, we have always acted according to strong ethical values and taken ambitious measures to promote employment and help communities.

We established a roadmap based on four structuring commitments to reach our goals.

1st commitment

Be useful to the area and people through local employment

We prioritize working with local partners for each development, rehabilitation or extension project in the reserve. We make sure that each employee is treated with dignity and has decent working conditions on our site. We do not employ minors and we maintain a high level of safety for all employees on the reserve by providing them with safety equipment and training. We hire local community members who are qualified to manage and maintain the sanctuary (carpenter, security, maintenance, kitchen, etc.).

2nd commitment

Respect the environment starts here (waste management, environment, pesticides ...)

We try to use local resources as much as possible for the reserve’s development, whether it be wood species or other materials. We also promote the selective sorting of waste. More than 80% of our waste is recycled or recovered. For example, our green waste is used as compost.

We also decided to reduce the use of dangerous products, especially for cleaning purposes. 90% of the products we use are biodegradable and/or have an ecolabel to minimize our impact on natural waterways.

3rd commitment

Consider new practices (vegetarianism, local produce, etc.)

We prepare vegetarian meals for each employee or visitor who requests them. All our dishes are made from local, healthy and natural products. We are passionate about wildlife and wild flora, and we also grow many different species to delight your taste buds and maintain your health.

4th commitment

Our children will be tomorrow's guardians (education projects, building schools)

The country’s youth carries the seeds of a better future. We are convinced that raising awareness of children to the conditions of wildlife will ultimately lead to deep changes in their behaviors. This is why we regularly visit local schools and help build schools for the local population.

Our values

Our different actions focus on a single objective: be useful to animals and their ecosystems. We stand for these values, which are more important than any financial interest. They define our project and can be divided into five main areas.

  • The animals' well-being and their development is our main priority
  • Each person working on the reserve, from the founder to the caretaker, is responsible for the animals we care for
  • Every single euro donated by our supporters is used to benefit the animals and their environment. No financial profit is made from this activity and each donor receives regular updates on our activities
  • We know that we can't protect nature without considering mankind. That's why we work on both environmental and social issues. We support many projects of public interest for local communities, especially in education
  • We act in an ethical, responsible and fair way when negotiating with our partners to allow everyone to live with dignity and in an environmentally responsible manner (private companies and government)

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