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Our compass: rescue and protect!

Animal Sanctuary Laos. These three words sum up the approach that drives us. Our team is committed to providing a sanctuary dedicated to the protection of animals and nature in Laos.

Christophe, the founder, was motivated to devote 100% of his time and energy to this cause when he was confronted with the multiple local and global threats, as well as the accelerating decline of species. The visit to the sanctuary has also been designed in a completely different way to that of a classic animal park.

Indeed, the sanctuary was designed to meet the needs of the rescued animals. Indeed, animal Sanctuary Laos aims to offer a safe place for the animals to develop, away from all kinds of trade and attacks on their environment. Indeed, there are very few structures in the region, which is why the efforts of our teams are more essential than ever.

Visiting the animals at the sanctuary is a completely different experience from the usual visit to a zoo or any animal park. In fact, participating in the daily activities and being close to the animals allows a total immersion and offers much more than a simple tourist visit. A stay at Animal Sanctuary Laos offers you a real experience close to nature and the animals.

Our different packages

Would you like to mix your holiday with a meaningful commitment to the environment? Would you like to support an ambitious project in favour of animals and people? Then do not hesitate any longer! Come and meet us. We offer 2 different stays.

An authentic experience, far from the beaten track

We want visitors to be the guests of the animals, not the other way around as is too often the case. No popcorn for the monkeys or souvenir photos with a lethargic bear.

When you come to meet the residents of Animal Sanctuary Laos, we offer you a fully immersive experience to discover this endangered wildlife and its environment. You will be able to discover the species we rescue, their way of life, and participate in the daily tasks to better understand the different factors that endanger biodiversity by discussing with our team of enthusiasts.

Beyond your visit and the financial support it represents, it is also your actual participation in the life of the sanctuary that matters. This involvement is an integral part of the DNA of our project since we are convinced that it is through contact with the beauty and diversity of the animal world that we will all be able to move towards greater respect for our ecosystem.

Your participation according to your financial means and your desires is essential to give weight to our cause. Animal Sanctuary Laos allows you to act at your level. Coming to meet us and visit the reserve is a strong form of support for the sanctuary, and the opportunity for you, your friends or your family to discover exceptional wildlife.

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